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Early Life

Kevin Michael "GG" Allin (born Jesus Christ Allin; August 29, 1956 – June 28, 1993) was an American punk rock singer-songwriter who performed and recorded with many groups during his career. Allin was best known for his controversial live performances, which often featured transgressive acts, including self-mutilation and assaulting audience members, for which he was arrested and imprisoned on multiple occasions Allin's music was often poorly recorded and produced, given limited distribution, and met with mostly negative reviews from critics, although he maintained a cult following throughout and after his career. Allin promised for several years that he would die by suicide on stage during one of his concerts, but instead died from an accidental drug overdose on June 28, 1993, at the age of 36. Allin was born Jesus Christ Allin at Weeks Memorial Hospital in Lancaster, New Hampshire, the younger of two sons born to Merle Colby Allin, Sr. (10.20.23 - 06.23.01) and Arleta Gunther (08.17.36 - 08.07.19) He was given this name because his father told his wife that Jesus Christ had visited him, and told him that his newborn son would be a great man in the vein of the Messiah. During early childhood, Allin's older brother Merle was unable to pronounce "Jesus" properly and called him "Jeje",which became "GG".

Allin's family lived in a log cabin with no running water or electricity in Groveton, New Hampshire. His father was an abusive religious fanatic who threatened his family with death, digging graves in their cellar.In an essay titled "The First Ten Years", Allin wrote that Merle Sr. wanted to kill his family in a murder–suicide. He "despised pleasure" and allowed his family "very little contact with others". They lived a "primitive existence" and "were more like prisoners than a family". Allin also stated that his mother attempted to escape before she filed for divorce, but Merle Sr. thwarted the attempt by kidnapping Allin. Allin said that he was glad to experience such an upbringing, and that it "made [him] a warrior soul at an early age."


A dead GG Allin
July 28, 1993.

Mid-era and more extreme live performances

By the mid- to late-1980s, Allin was addicted to heroin and alcohol and generally abused any intoxicants provided to him. Allin first defecated onstage in 1985 at a show in Peoria, Illinois. According to fellow performer Bloody Mess, "I was with him when he bought the Ex-Lax. Unfortunately, he ate it hours before the show, so he constantly had to hold it in or he would've shit before he got onstage... After he shit onstage, complete chaos broke out in the hall... All of the old men in charge of the hall went fucking NUTS!.. Hundreds of confused punk kids were flipping out, running out the door, because the smell was INCREDIBLE." Defecation became a regular part of his stage act. Allin idolized country music legend Hank Williams and saw himself as a kindred spirit. Both were relative loners and outsiders, both were habitual users of intoxicants, both lived with few, if any, possessions and both traveled the country relentlessly. Allin's acoustic output, documented on the EP The Troubled Troubador, was heavily influenced by Williams. He recorded his own rewrites of Hank Williams, Jr.'s "Family Tradition" and David Allan Coe's "Longhaired Redneck", calling his own versions "Scumfuc Tradition" and "Outlaw Scumfuc", respectively. Later, Allin also released another country album, Carnival of Excess, his most refined record.

During this period, Allin collaborated with Bulge (also known as Psycho under a different name, on the album Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies), the Aids Brigade (the 7" EP Expose Yourself to Kids) and the Holymen (You Give Love a Bad Name). Allin also began performing many spoken word pieces. Video footage of these is available but rare. Unwilling to seek steady employment, Allin supported himself by selling his own records. Allin was also fascinated with serial killers. He wrote to and visited John Wayne Gacy in prison a number of times and Gacy painted a portrait of Allin, which became the album cover to the soundtrack of the film Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies.

By this point, Allin's performances, which often resulted in considerable damage to venues and sound equipment, were regularly stopped by police or venue owners after only a few songs. Allin was charged with assault and battery or indecent exposure a number of times. His constant touring was only stopped by jail time or by long hospital stays for broken bones, blood poisoning, and other physical trauma.

Another attraction to Allin performances was his continual threats of suicide. In 1989, Allin wrote to Maximum RocknRoll stating that he would die by suicide on stage on Halloween 1989. However, he was in jail when that day came. He continued his threat each following year but ended up imprisoned each following Halloween. When asked why he did not follow through with his threats, Allin stated, "With GG, you don't get what you expect—you get what you deserve."He also stated that suicide should only be done when one had reached one's peak, meeting the afterlife at one's strongest point and not at one's weakest. In June 1993, Allin made an appearance on The Jane Whitney Show. This interview is infamous for being his last interview and for Allin's aggression toward the audience. Allin openly stated that he would die by suicide and take his fans with him. When questioned by Jane, he clarified that he would make them die by suicide as well or he would kill them. Allin also stated that, at 35, he could sleep with 12, 13 and 16-year-old girls, boys and animals and claimed that he raped both women and men at his concerts.

A video to show GG Allins extraordinary live performance


  • The Jabbers
  • The Scumfucs
  • Little Sister's Date
  • Malpractice
  • Antiseen
  • the Cedar Street Sluts
  • Carolina Shitkickers
  • Horse N Gods
  • Bulge
  • The Toilet Rockers
  • The Criminal Quartet
  • The Texas Nazis
  • David Peel
  • Bloody Mess & the Skabs
  • The Southern Baptists
  • The Murder Junkies
  • Dee Dee Ramone
  • The Primates


  • Assface
  • Clit Licker
  • Hard Candy Cock
  • Fucking the Dog
  • Bite It you Scum
  • Gimme some Head
  • 1980s Rock'n'roll
  • Don't Talk to me
  • Live Fast Die Fast
  • Needle up my Cock
  • I Don't give a Shit
  • I Wanna Piss on You
  • Drink Fight and Fuck
  • I Wanna Fuck Myself
  • Abuse myself, I Wanna die
  • You Hate me and I Hate you
  • Assfucking, Buttsucking, Cuntlicking, Masturbation


  • Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be (1980)
  • Eat My Fuc (1984)
  • You'll Never Tame Me (1985)
  • You Give Love a Bad Name (1987)
  • Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies (1988)
  • The Suicide Sessions (1989)
  • Murder Junkies (1991)
  • Brutality and Bloodshed for All (1993)
  • Live at The Rat EP (2018)


gg_blood Allin was an extreme individualist and anti-authoritarian, promoting lawlessness and violence against police officers in many of his lyrics; his essay, The GG Allin Manifesto,was intended to summarize his personal philosophy. He revealed on Geraldo that he believed his body to be a temple of rock and roll, and that his flesh, blood, and bodily fluids were a communion to the people. Another reason given for his onstage antics (by Dino, the drummer of his band) was that he wanted to draw a parallel between his actions and "a society that's going crazy with violence". He has also said that if he was not a performer, he would probably be a serial killer or a mass murderer. Regarding Allin's views on death, he believed in some form of an afterlife. He planned to kill himself onstage on Halloween many times in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but was stopped due to prison sentences around every Halloween each year. He explained his views on death in the film Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies, stating: "It's like I've got this wild soul that just wants to get out of this life. It's too confined in this life. I think that to take yourself out at your peak... if you could die at your peak, your strongest point, then your soul will be that much stronger in the next existence."


GG Allin's last show was on June 27, 1993 at a small club called The Gas Station, a punk venue located inside a former gas station at 194 East 2nd Street in Manhattan. During the second song, the venue cut the power, after which he trashed the club, walked across the street naked, and then continued on, now wearing shorts, but still covered in blood and feces, through the neighborhood, followed by a large group of fans. After walking the streets for almost an hour, Allin eventually went to his friend Johnny Puke's apartment.There, he and others continued to party and use drugs. Sometime during the evening, Allin ingested large amounts of heroin, on which he accidentally overdosed and slipped into an unconscious state.


Sometime in the early morning of June 28, Allin died from the effects of his heroin overdose. Later that morning, someone noticed that Allin still lay motionless in the same place where they had left him and called for an ambulance. Allin was pronounced dead at the scene. He was two months short of his 37th birthday.

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