Nate Ruess

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Nathaniel Joseph Ruess was born Feb 26,1982, he is an american singer and songwriter

he is the lead singer of the indi pop band fun and previously of The format. as og 2015, he also performs as a solo musician where he would release an album aswell as being feutered in a couple of famous songs such as "just give me a reason".

 nate practicing

Ruess practice

Ruess states, "I'm not one to take lessons, so I decided that the only way I was going to learn how to sing,

if what they were saying was true, was to go in my car and put on any sort of music from a vocalist that might be really hard to mimic, turn it on as loud as possible and try to hit all those notes".

The Format

The Format

 The Format on stage

after forming the band "The Format" in 2002 they shortly after released their first five song EP(extended play) called EP they generated local interest which lead to their first album interventions+lullabies but even with their growing career Nate Ruess announced in 2008 that The Format would not make another album


 The Format on stage

Immediately after the split of The Format Nate Ruess contacted Jack Antonoff of steel train and Andrew Dost formerly of Anathello to form a new indie band called "fun" where they would start making albums such as "Some Nights" and "Aim and Ignite" however despite their sucess as a band on febuary 5th 2015 the band posted a letter staing that there was no fun album in the making and each of all three of the members were persuing their own projects including Nate Ruess who is beginning to release an album as a solo musician

After Fun

Fun on stage

Fun was founded by the three of us at a time when we were coming out of our own bands. One thing that has always been so special about Fun is that we exist as three individuals in music who come together to do something collaborative. We make Fun records when we are super inspired to do so. Currently Nate is working on his first solo album, Andrew is scoring films, and Jack is on tour and working on Bleachers music. The three of us have always followed inspiration wherever it leads us. Sometimes that inspiration leads to Fun music, sometimes it leads to musical endeavors outside of Fun. We see all of it as part of the ecosystem that makes Fun, fun