“From the FA to UEFA and FIFA, there's a naivety, a lack of knowledge and understanding and packed with people who are out of touch.”

George Best

“I even used to play as Liverpool on the PlayStation on 'FIFA' when I was 18 or 19, as Steven Gerrard, Sami Hyypia, Jamie Carragher, Michael Owen, and Xabi Alonso.”

Mohammed Salah

“I'm now a brand. Like, KSI is a brand. It's crazy that it all came from me sitting in my bedroom just making a few FIFA videos.”


About Fifa 20

Much like real football, FIFA 20 has become – in the most literal sense – a game of two halves. While year after year EA attempts to bolster its overall package with additions such as five-a-side Volta mode, for many FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is the sole reason to pick up each new edition. As a result, GamesRadar’s review is split into two parts. I’ll first address strengths and weaknesses of this year’s ‘FUT’ offering, before expanding into other modes and offering a final assessment.

The studio has approached such complaints constructively. FIFA 20 Ultimate Team gets a re-structure of sorts via an all-encompassing feature called Seasons, whereby every activity you complete scores XP towards tangible rewards. These are smartly tiered to placate newcomers and well-versed players alike: early bonuses include loans for Virgil van Dijk and Eden Hazard, while those who commit the necessary time can eventually turn 96,055 XP into 85-rated Wilfried Zaha or Lucas Vazquez cards.