Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson born August 29 1958 and died June 25 2009. He was known as the "King of pop" He was a american musician and one of the most successful entertainers. His unique style of music and dance made him a very popular in the pop culture in 4 decades. Michael Jackson had 13 singles that had been on the top list in the USA and he also had 13 grammy awards.

Ealier life and The Jackson 5

He was the eight out of nine siblings, his mother was a religious Jehovah's witness and his dad was a steelworker who performed with a RnB band called The Falcons. MJ had three sisters and five brothers. MJ had a problem relationship with his dad. He told that he got physically and mentally mistreated by being exposed too incessant tests, like whipped and being called names. He meant that his fathers disciplin was the reason for the later success they achieved as a group and in his solo career. A fight between their father and one of MJ elder brother Marlon that Joe Jackson hold him up side down while he got beaten up by his father. Joe Jackson also rapidly


Michael Jackson began his solo career in 1971, after their debut in 1964 as a member os "The Jackson 5" His album Thriller from 1982 until now is still the best selling album ever, just like the other 4 albums (Off the wall - 1979, Bad - 1987. Dangerous - 1991 and HIStory - 1995) Michael Jackson did some pretty advanced dance moves like the robot and the moonwalk that became popular. His songs (Billie Jean, Beat it and Thriller) made him the first ever african-american to get a huge fanbase from MTV.

Personal Life

Michael Jacksons private life made a huge controversy when he decided to make a facial make over, which you could see from 1980's, especially changes from his nose and the color of his skin. In 1993 he also got accused for child abused eventhough it never got any legal prosecution. He got married in 1994 and 1996 and ended up getting three children and which one of them was born by a surrogate mother. In 2005 all of his charges got removed for being a pedophile.

2006-2009 "The lasts year"

The closure of Neverland Ranch to save money which led to many reports that Jackson would have financial problems. A prominent financial problem involved a 270 million dollars loan secured against his shareholdings in the music industry. after Delayed repayments, a refinancing package moved the loans from Bank of America to debt specialists Fortress Investments. A new recapitalization agreement proposed by Sony would have Jackson lend additional 300 million dollars and reduce interest on the loan while it would give Jackson's shareholdings in their joint_stocked music publishing house. Jackson agreed to a sony-sponsored Refinancing Agreement, but the details have never been published. Despite these loans, Jackson, according to Forbes, still earned 75 million dollars a year from his partnership with Sony.