knifecollectionHow to play

If you will play CSGO, you must buy it on Steam. Then you can download it to yout computer, you can play it on a laptop and a stationary. If you do not have a Steam account, I will put in a link in the bottom, where all things are described, and you just must follow what there are written.

liftbodiesWhat is the game about?

When you have bought the game and installed it on Steam, you can play everything. You will start as a beginner, and then fight you up to the top, the higher you come, the better you are. You can play against bots, or multiplayer against other players. You can also practice, so you can be better with the weapons.

In the game there are a lot of maps you can choose, like DUST II, Inferno, Train, Nuke and you can also choose a map, where you are at a ship. You can also protect some hostages, kidnap the hostages, or plant bombs. The game is allowed for players from 16+ years. If you kill one from your own team, you will be banned, its start from 30 minutes, to years, and it will also happen if you cheat, talk dirty to other players, or leave a match before its done.


More about the game

Last month where there 11.078.325 unique players. CSGO is also called Counter Strike Global Offensive, where million of people are playing with and against each other. You can win chests (but you have to pay for them), skins and a lot of friendships around the world.

You can also buy really beautiful skins and gloves. Then they have a merchandise shop, where you can buy clothes, caps, gaming mouse, mouse pads and a lot of things.

They come with a lot of updates for the game, that will make it better, so we players can be happy and enjoy the game. You can play in towns and ships, but the most popular map is called DUST II, they moved it for some time ago, but a lot of players wasn’t happy for their decision, so they put it back again. In gallery, is there a section, where you can see the difrent maps, but not all of them is there.

You can also be a pro gamer in CSGO, like Astralis from Denmark, but you must be good, and you need to practice every day. But it’s like a job. There is also Navi, Faze Clan, Tyloo and a lot of other teams, the player can be from same country or mixed. A lot of players are also streaming while playing. It could be on YouTube or twitch tv. Some people get money for it, if they have enough followers.