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Bigby Wolf, also or formerly known as the Big Bad Wolf, is the protagonist and playable character of The Wolf Among Us. As the sheriff of Fabletown, he has the duty of protecting the Fables from the mundies as well as themselves. Many facets of Bigby's personality and some of his tactics are determined by the player's dialogue, choices and actions. He is based on the Big Bad Wolf that appears in fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, and Peter and the Wolf.

Centuries ago in the Homelands, Bigby was born, part of a litter of seven pups to Winter Wolf after being courted by the powerful North Wind, inheriting several of his father's abilities. He remained at her side for two seasons but - due to his father's temperament - he was drawn back towards his castle, leaving Winter heartbroken. As the runt of the litter, Bigby was often teased by his brothers, however Winter was particularly fond of him whom she personally loved and cared for greatly. When his mother died tragically, his brothers left in search of their father and Bigby remained behind to protect her corpse from scavengers. Unfortunately, he proved unable to defend her due to his small size.



The Wolf Among Us is an episodic interactive fantasy mystery graphic adventure video game based on Bill Willingham's Fables comic book series. It is developed by Telltale Games. It is canon with the comic book universe and is set as a prequel to the comic book. The game consists of five episodes, with the first episode being released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 worldwide on October 11, 2013. for OS X worldwide on October 14, 2013, for PlayStation 3 on October 15, 2013, in North America and on October 16, 2013, in Europe and Australia, for iOS worldwide on December 4, 2013, and PlayStation Vita before the end of 2014.

snow Snow White is the deutoragonist of the Fables comic series. Director of Operations of Fabletown. She is the soon to be real power behind the throne of Fabletown, responsible for all policy and administrative decisions. In twat she acts like Bigby's beautiful side-kick, even if they don't agree they will stand by eachother.

icha Ichabon Crane is a character and the cowardly Deputy Mayor of Fabletown in The Wolf Among Us. He is based on the main protagonist of sleepy hollow. "the town took everything it could out of me. If I took a little something back in return.then so be it. I have no regrets."-Ichabon Crane

buf Bufkin is a winged monkey that serves as Fabletown's librarian. He lives in the Business Office and is an ally to Bigby and Snow, often providing them with information about the magic items or other Fables."Uh, guys? We have a problem. I can't finish the mirror. It's missing a piece." Bufkin to Bigby and Snow about the Mirror

colin Colin is one of the Three Little Pigs. He is featured as a sort of roommate of Bigby Wolf in The Wolf Among Us, crashing on his couch. "But no, hate's the wrong word. They fear you more than anything. You ate a lot of people back in your day..." Colin to Bigby about his reputation in the community.

mir The Magic Mirror is a talking mirror featured in The Wolf Among Us. As a rule, it will only answer questions asked in rhyme, and can show users the activities of any person they name. "But as you know, I'm quite prolific, if you want me to show you someone specific." The Mirror to Bigby

sam Bluebeard is a wealthy Fable who lives in Fabletown. He first appears in Episode 2 of twau. He is based on the title character of the story of the same name. He is a former serial killer who's known for having a history of killing his wives. Though his decapitating days are over he still seems to have an interest in violence as shown thoughout the series.

toad Mr. Toad is a main character in The Wolf Among Us. He is the one who contacts Bigby about a ruckus he hears in one of his upstairs apartments, setting events into motion that set the stage for the game."This whole glamour rule is... oppressive. I've done nothing wrong but look different. You know it's not right"-Toad to Bigby

deedum Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum twins. they are featured as an antagonist in The Wolf Among Us as private investigators and thugs working for the Crooked Man. "What do you think this is? Some kind of negotiation? The man said he'd take care of it. So why don't you take the hint and get out."

wood The Woodsman, he is the unknown-by-name lumberjack who saved Little Red Riding Hood from the Big Bad Wolf (now Bigby Wolf) in the Homelands. His signature item, used to cut open Bigby, is his axe. He is initially thought to be closely connected to the murder of Faith. He is a tenant of Toad's apartment. He's also a regular in Holly's bar.

bloody Bloody Mary, often simply called Mary, is main character and a Fable first seen in Episode 3 and the secondary antagonist of The Wolf Among Us. Ruthless and violent, she is a powerful fighter working for the Crooked Man. "The Big Bad Wolf. They used to fear you. They'd hide anywhere their small shivering bodies would fit... The Big Bad Wolf. It's about time you showed up."-Mary to Bigby

crooked The crooked man, He is the puppeteer responsible for ordering the murders of Faith and Lily. He directly employs the Tweedles and Bloody Mary as his muscle, and has a controlling interest in the Pudding & Pie, since he and his henchmen show up after Georgie is shown to be making a phone call about a "problem" as Snow and Bigby apprehend Ichabod Crane.

mermaid the Little Mermaid) is a main character and former stripper working at the Pudding & Pie. She first appears in Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us, helping Bigby discover and gain access to Lily's last known location. She was Lily and Faith's friend. "We just... fade. Like we never existed. I couldn't watch that happen to Faith. Or Lily." -Nerissa to Bigby


Telltale Games will release a second season of The Wolf Among Us: A Telltale Games Series, an adventure game based on the comic series Fable, in 2018. The developer revealed that the game was in the works as part of its summer 2017 update, embedded above.

Bigby Wolf, the hero of the first game, returns for the sequel. Expect to make more tough choices in the darkly tinged fairy tale world when it launches next year


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