In the velvet blackness of an African night - at the hour before dawn when the land is full of dreams - a lone voice heralds the new day. As the red disc of the sun rises, the one voice becomes many until the Pride Lands echo with song.

The distant mountain floats above the mist. Vast herds move across the golden plain, and the heavens come alive with storks and doves, kingfishers, and flamingos. High on Pride Rock, Mufasa the Lion King waits, watching as the creatures of his domain gather below to celebrate the arrival of the newborn Prince.

Mufasa's jealous sibling, Scar sits in the shade, taking bitter pride in his absence from the sacred ceremony, scheming and dreaming of the day he will usurp the throne

Zazu the hornbill, Pride Rock's chief of protocol, informs an indifferent Scar his truancy has not gone unnoticed.

Confronted by Mufasa Scar hides revenge beneath a cloak of scorn.

Each sunrise finds Simba in the royal cave nudging his father from his sleep, begging him to join in the immemorial games that ensure the survival of the species.